The beginning

   Company P.P.H.U. " Sumac " was founded in 2001 by Andrew Smarżewski that after almost 20 years in the industry took up the challenge of starting his own business. In the early years, the company has employed several employees and had a narrow specialization. Owner slowly but steadily expanding it every year by increasing the number of employees and expanding the range of activities.

Our Speciality

   The company specializes in P.P.H.U. " Sumak " are harnesses for tractors , agricultural machinery, and gas systems for cars. The company can design and make the wiring for different types of vehicle or machine with varying degrees of complexity and requirements . You can do them on the basis of the project company or client guidelines, transmitted in any way ( not required specialized documentation). Company P.P.H.U. " Sumak " is a recognized contractor beams prototype.


   The company devotes great attention the quality of it's products, and therefore has a stable base of suppliers with whom we take care to ensure quality. High quality wire harnesses and gas must be reliable, company checks so each piece produced in the company on special testers. Anyone, even a small error in the beam will be repaired, that customers receive efficient, safe products.

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